We are manufacturer for medical incinerator,incinerator,medical waste incinerator. We are china incinerator with good pet incinerator price. Hiclover brand is famous of china incinerator manufacturer.

Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incinerator (Hot sale Model TS30 and TS50)

● Burning rate from 10kgs per hour to 1000kgs per hour

● Double combustion chamber

● Smoke Pre-Treatment, Environmentally friendly

● Stainless Steel Chimney

● Custom Made possible

Pet Cremation Equipment

Pet Cremation Equipment (Hot sale model TS50, A360 and A900)

● Incinerator design for animal pet cremation.
●Collect ash into pet cremation urns.
●Pet in chamber individual.
●Special design with movable platform.

●Pet cremation is personal business more.
●Pet cremation with regual pet size or weight
●Pet cremator feeding door match with pet size
●Pet body with fat cremation to ash

Containerized Mobile Incinerators

Containerized Mobile Incinerators (Hot Sale Model CA50)

● Mounted in ISO Container before leave factory

● Free-installation

● No incineration house build construction,

● Movable by truck

● Custom made with 10/20/30/50/100/150 kgs per hour